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Feature & Benefit

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    24 x 72 x 0.08 inches extra-long hot yoga mat towel is perfect to cover on yoga mat

  • 2


    100% premium microfiber materials produce super soft skidless yoga towel

  • 3


    amazing water/sweat absorption yoga towel

  • 4


    not easy fray after long term use

  • 5


    skidless hot yoga towel non slip when damp to have more confidence and stability, naturally support you as you achieve harder posture or advance techniques

  • 6


    not easy fray after long term use

  • 7


    create a hygienic barrier for your mat, extending mat life

  • 8


    cold water, mild detergent, do not use fabric softener, tumble dry low speed

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    no risk so you can order with confident


Must Have During

Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Workout


Amazon Customer Reviews

* Data as of November-2016

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Amazon 5 Star 1 Very nice texture and feels great to do exercise on

Pros: 1. The mat passed the washing machine test and is in fact just as smooth as out of the package. I used some fabric softener on mine and now like it even more because it smells of a fragrance that I love and it is soothing to me. 2. It is not a perfect non-slip but for slow movement exercises, yoga and meditation to give a couple of examples it is excellent in holding its position. I would recommend running in place or running over it, into a jump kick but for standard exercises it meets the claim. 3. It is comfortable. I love how it feels on my skin and going through basic motions on it. Cons: 1. Nothing that I noticed. Additional Comments: 1. I am looking forward to using this mat to do some exercises. My previous workout mat was huge and I usually would just use whatever flat surface was around versus transport my other mat. This Yoga mat will be used by me on its own over the floor for short durational exercises and with my larger mat for long duration, in-home exercises. Company that I purchased the product from: Yoga Jaci Company that shipped the product: Yoga Jaci Shipping time: Item was shipped out promptly in the agreed upon manner. Was the package secure?: Item arrived safely in secure packaging. Knowing what I know now, would I buy this product; yes/no?: Yes, I'd buy this product. Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts. I take pride in my reviews. I hope my review was helpful and has provided you quality information and/or an extra prospective. If it helped or you think it could help someone else, please share so others can view. I was provided with a sample of this product in exchange for my honest feedback and to write a review stating my thoughts after testing. All statements and information in my reviews are comprised of my personal thoughts and opinions.

steve "Stephen Moodhe" Amazon's Top 100 Reviewer

Amazon 5 Star 1

Fantastic Yoga Towel

I recently attended a yoga class with a friend of mine. The instructor said not to bring anything with us, as they provided the mats. Well, I knew I had just received this awesome yoga towel and decided to bring it along. I an so glad I did! This Yoga towel by Jaci Global was exactly what I needed. They towel is super soft and covered my "loaned" mat perfectly. The Idea of using a Yoga mat that was previously used by another person did not make me happy. My friend brought a regular towel from home, which was difficult to keep steady on her mat. My Yoga towel,was perfect! It covered my mat, wiped my glistening face and was super soft! This is the perfect all areunf Yoga towel! These are my honest opinions after testing this Yoga Towel!

Joy Blair
Joy Blair Amazon's Top 500 Reviewer

Amazon 5 Star 1

Amazing quality very absorbent

Amazing quality very absorbent. This will serve well for those that do yoga and want to protect their yoga mats.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

M. Adelman
M. Adelman Product Reviewer

Amazon 5 Star 1

Nice towel if you make it slightly wet...

This is a great towel that appears bigger to me than any other yoga towel I have had in the past. I love the extra length because it matches up better with my yoga mat. I found it to slip a little in the beginning when I placed it over my yoga mat, but as my 'hot' yoga session wore on, it appeared to stick better and stay in place. I was able to purchase this (at a discount) so I could try and review it, and have made the following observations::

1: absorbent and quick drying for sweaty classes
2: machine washable
3: no pulling or tugging
4: slippery when dry, but once you get that sweat going (especially in 'hot' yoga classes) this towel is fantastic
5: instead of building up a sweat, lightly spray with water to get the same stickiness

Christine Amazon's Top 500 Reviewer

Amazon 5 Star 1

'Hot Yoga' Microfiber Yoga Towel, 24" x 72", Grey Fabric, 85% Polyester, by YOGA JACI

This is an all-microfiber Yoga Mat Towel, 24" x 72", just the size of a standard foam Yoga Mat. Fabric is 85% Polyester, 15% Polyamide.
I like the grey color; the grey has the slightest tinge of brown.
This fabric color choice does not show any dirt or dust marks (which are guaranteed to be present on most public gym or studio floors, no matter how often they are cleaned). Very practical color, especially compared to the light pastels you often see in other Yoga Mats.

This is best described as a flat Towel. It's not fitted, there are no elasticized corners, you don't slide your mat into it. This just lies on top of your mat, with a 24" width that may give you an inch or so to tuck under along the side edge.

This absorbs perspiration and moisture well, and wicks them away, typical of a good microfiber.

It's a good nonslip fabric. My bare feet do not slide around on this. There's a discreet embroidered Yoga Jaci logo, but as the photo shows it does not distract. The edges are bound in a lighter shade of silver thread for better visibility in low light.

This arrives wrapped in plastic and rolled (like the Amazon photo) into a roll the size of a 1 liter water bottle. It folds pretty flat, and doesn't take up much room in a gym bag or yoga bag.

This has several advantages over a standard terry cloth cotton towel. It's more compact, and it does not mildew or smell when wet.
It air dries quickly also when hung up. This would also make a good towel for the beach or poolside.
It feels sturdy, and I expect it to last.

Sample sent for testing and impartial review. I like this towel. For yoga or the gym, microfiber is definitely the way to go.

I hope this review is useful as you research and comparison shop online. Namaste!

VoiceOver Guy
VoiceOver Guy Amazon's Top 100 Reviewer
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